About Us

zenify products were created using all natural ingredients to offer safe, effective relaxation without harmful side effects. Infused with the same stress-relieving antioxidants found in 25 cups of green tea with no caffeine, zenify products increase focus and enhance vitality while reducing stress. With a unique blend of l-theanine, GABA and glycine, zenify helps people achieve their optimal state of being-relaxed yet focused and alert. This uniquely balanced function makes zenify the ideal choice for the office, the classroom to the field.

About The Founder

The heart, soul and passion behind zenify, Adam Rosenfeld utilized his knowledge of nutraceuticals and natural ingredients to formulate the perfect Zen blend. Raised by a family of doctors who reinforced in Adam the conviction that helping others was by far the coolest thing any human being could do with their life’s work.

Our Purpose

After starting off with 26 different nutraceuticals, over a 15 month period of research and development, zenify was born with the intent to help reduce stress and make a positive impact on society one person at a time.

Adam started zenify because he believes people can only progress when they’re free of the stress and tension that leads to polarization and intolerance. When people are free of stress and tension, they have the opportunity to come together, share knowledge and create an understanding that crosses divides. A free and open mind is the catalyst to creativity and progression.

Proud Partner with the Coexist Foundation

We’re proud to partner with The Coexist Foundation, and we pledge 5% of our profits to reduce polarization and create understanding across divides.  Learn more.